About Us

For the Lives of Prison Wives is a website that provides support to women who are supporting their incarcerated loved ones.  I started this website to share the ups, downs, challenges, and growth that comes along with having a relationship (eventually marriage) and raising a family with an incarcerated loved one.

One of those challenges is missing our loved one daily, even when he/she gets on our last nerve! lol  After seeing the excitement on the faces of so many people when they receive a subscription box, I thought it would be exciting for those of us holding it down for our loved ones to experience that excitement by receiving gifts every other month that reminds us of how special we are for choosing to take this journey with our loved one.  We all know the stigma that comes along with having a loved one incarcerated.  This is that something that rewards us for all we do while also celebrating the love we share with our loved one.

Our boxes are themed and have quality products curated by me, a prison wife survivor, who's was on the journey for 14.5 yrs.  So I definitely know the struggles we face as Loyal Ladies.  The box itself is a treat!!  It's beautiful and can be used to store those hundreds of letters we get!  Each theme represents our journey as Loyal Ladies and each gift is chosen with much love, thought, and dedication!!

So get ready Loyal Ladies!! You'll be running to your door!!

Stay Strong. Beautiful. Unbothered.